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    using a vector instead of array

    I don't think I fully understand this vector this yet. I've got one class that initially uses an array and my assignment is to use a vector. The previous posts in your forums have been very helpful in explaining the vector but i've still got one part that I don't understand.
    The original code, that uses the array, looks like this:

    public LineItems( int size, SalesInvoice owner )
    items = new LineItem[ size ];
    nItems = size;
    for ( int i = 0; i < size; i++ )
    items[i] = new LineItem( this );
    this.owner = owner;

    To change the code to use a vector, I wrote it like this:

    public LineItems ( SalesInvoice owner )
    for ( int i = 0; i < items.size(); i++ )
    items.add( new LineItem(this) );
    this.owner = owner;

    Further into my code I call:

    public double getTotal()
    double total = 0.0;
    for ( int i = 0; i < items.size(); i++ )
    //**getTotal method from LineItemClass
    total += items.elementAt( i ).getTotal();
    ----------------------error 1----- error 2
    return total;

    when I compile I get two errors - error 1 is cannot resolve symbol and error 2 is inconvertiable types (found string/require double). Any advise you could send my way would be greatly appreciated.

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    The vector contains LineItem object so get one of them like:

    LineItem li=(LineItem)items.elementAt(i);

    Then, if a double value is one of the ListItem properties you could get it e.g. like:

    double d=li.getTheDoubleValueSomwehereInThere();
    eschew obfuscation

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    OK-Now this is making much more sense and I thank you. Some of Java's concepts are a little difficult to grasp from a book - your explainations help me a lot - just want to thank you for that.

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