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Thread: applets

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    Mar 2005

    Exclamation applets

    can anyone help me with a couple of applets?

    the first one deals with using the drawLine method from Graphics to get a digit from the user and draw the specified digit. Also, there need to be radio buttons to change the color of the digit.

    the second one involves drawing shapes. the shapes (circle, rectangle, oval) are selected using a combo box. the user needs to also control the colors of the shapes using radio buttons, & the number of shapes (1, 10, 20, 30, 40) from a combo box. when the shapes are drawn, they need to be offset like 15 units to the right & 15 units down.

    any help would be greatly appreciated . . .

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    Sep 2004
    have you had a go at it? do you have a particular problem that needs to be fixed?

    I would suggest that you try it before you ask here, you may be supprised how easy things like this are...

    But anyways, with the first one, do you mean that a user will select say, 9 and then your applet will draw the number 9, and have color control over it?

    this site:

    has a few code code snipets for you to look at
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    Mar 2005
    i figured the first one out, just had a brain fart.

    thanks . . .

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