Hey guys!

I'm trying to create a simple combo box for my web application. I know this can be done in a windows app by changing the dropdownstyle to "simple." In a web app, i'm not given this property.

I want the user to be able to copy and paste into my textbox a part number, which will then automatically find that part in the listbox below, which is full of say...1000 diff part numbers. Otherwise the user has to remember the number and navigate with the scroll bar to that part number (just a listbox w/ no textbox). Is their any way to create a simple combo box in a web app?

If not, then can i just create a textbox, and a listbox below it and create code to have the two interact? If so, i'm having trouble trying to distinguish in the code when the user has completed typing into the textbox, so i can begin my file search in the listbox w/ that part number the user has written (in the txtbox). Is their like an infocus method i could use for the textbox, telling me when someone is writing into the textbox? Thanks in advance guys and gals!