Hi, I am a student in Mech.Engineering, and need to make a small programm.
I just bought a book on Java, but looking at my progress and my deadline I could use some help. To some it may seem really simple, but upto now I find it to be mission impossilbe.

The programm is an applet.
It should have 3 textfields, which can accept input, and one button.
For instance "Lenght", "Width" and "Area".
If lenght and Width are filled in, the Area should calculate automatically.
Also for the other cases if any 2 textfields are entered, the third one should show it's value.

The button should be used to clear all input, and go back to the empty starting stage.

If anyone has a piece of source code or an idea how to do it, please let me know, I would be very gratefull.