Can't Re-Activate Network Screensaver

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Thread: Can't Re-Activate Network Screensaver

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    Red face Can't Re-Activate Network Screensaver

    I don't do a lot of programming so I hope this makes sense. I used posted in 1999 by Waty Thierry to disable a screensaver and disable it did. The screensaver was recently institued by the network adminstrators for security reasons. However, here in the lab it can interfer with our data acqusition processes and the screensaver can not be disabled by individual technicians on the network. However, calling the above procedure with the appropriate 'true' setting or even trying to force it directly by by setting the function call parameters to SystemParametersInfo(17,1,0,0) has no affect. The return value from the function call is always a 0 (enablescreensaver = false). Our OS is Win2000. I fear anger by the LAN police (a humorless lot) . Thanks for reading

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    IT and developers should always work side by side, otherwise we end up with problems like this. I strongly suggest to talk with your rmanager to make the IT people arrange their policy with your need. This is what we do, and it works flawless. Instead of angry feeling, we get everything we need (maybe not the same day...)
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