I have created a navigation interface for queries to a database using several panels in which each panel has several individual radial buttons. Each panel is a different catagory with sub-categories for the radial buttons. I created a few tables that give numbers of entries plus percentages for selected categories. This a reporting tool for the database. The tables I enclosed in div tags so I can select one as needed dependeing on which category the user selects. On the the 2nd panel selected I need tables to appear when the user selects the radial button.

It works the 1st time, I eclosed the table with div tags:

<div id="showtable" runat="server">




I navigate through the panels using:

Sub radiobutton1_CheckedChanged(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)
Panel1.visible = False
Panel2.visible = true
showtable.visible = true

End Sub

Again the table comes up fine the 1st time but when I go back to Panel1 and then go to Panel3(which Panel3 displays another table just fine) then back to Panel1 and want to bring up Panel2 again(with table) , Panel2 comes up fine but no table.

showreport() is a database query function that is binded to a datagrid which displays just fine aslo.

I have to close and restart app to get the table to appear again. What am I missing? I have it configured on radiobutton1_CheckChanged to show the table when clicked on so why doesn't it come back after I visited the panel once...left...and then came back?

Any suggestions would be appreciated!