Reading Java??

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Thread: Reading Java??

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    Reading Java??

    I have a question.

    There are java games on and there's these buddies on

    How are those programs able to 'read' all the information from the java window and display it in it's own?

    I have a Pic:

    I know, it might not be java related since the Pool Buddy isn't java. If not where Should I post?
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    The Yahoo Java games will have well defined protocols that the server uses for communicating with the clients. If you know what that protocol is you can write your own program to connect to the yahoo games servers and then display the game as that 'buddy' program is doing. The server will transmit the position of the balls along with other information such as who's go it is and what score it is etc, then the clients will render the images. I have no idea if the 'buddy' program is written in java though, and I have no idea what the communication protocol for the games are.

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