Hi everyone,

I need to know a couple of things regarding dates. First of all, where do I get a date that is universal when someone enters an entry into my database that tells the date that they entered (time is not important). I don't think I can rely on the system date because this can be altered to suit the needs of the person submitting the entry, unless there is a way to use the date of the system the database is located at. Anyways, the next thing I need to know is how to compare the date that is entered with two other dates that are stored in a database (under the date/time format). The user will enter an entry and if the date of that entry is between the beginning date for submission and the end date of submission, then the entry will be permitted, otherwise it will be tossed out. I'm sorry for bugging everyone but I have no idea how to approach this problem and my web research hasn't yielded anything, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

- Joe