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    Apr 2005

    Lightbulb Help Needed Creating...

    Hi, I recently decided to make a MMORPG.A game people will enjoy and have fun, I would of course keep it free sense I have play many games that cost 5-15 dollars a month.I have many creative ideas, but I need someone to show me the ropes and teach me how to use Java and i currently looking for a site to download it at.If anyone would care to teach me how to use this or would like to help me create this game(Medievil type game, Swords armor gold houses dragonslaying and plenty more) post here or send me a pm and we can talk more private.

    I need:
    *Helpful tutorial sites
    *Or any other sites or tips you think i should know.

    Extra Info On Me:
    I dont know if this matters or not probably doesnt but I know how to handle and make a site, ive had some dbz rpgs back in the day(kinda rusty but i can manage).

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    Apr 2005
    I have recently downloaded these java consoles.....Tomcat...SDK....and Java web start....but....Here is my problem...Where do I go to start writing my html codes for my MMORPG?I have yet to firgue this out I was thinking notepad...But am not to sure.Also how do I test them out?

    I am sure someone can help me because im sure there are plenty of experts out there who would like to help me

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    Apr 2005
    *More information needed*
    Hi again.Now I am wondering what is the best and free image creater program?I have noticed the java one doesnt have many capablities and what you can do with them, so i need a good one,so far I have no one helping me so i got to firgue out the following on me own:

    Where to start the coding.
    The images
    The site hosting
    The site layout
    Graphics and sound
    and much much more

    If anyone could lend a hand,or even just give me some links that sure would do me good, Thank you!

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    Apr 2005
    This is a horriable picture(I know), but it is a ruff idea on how I am going to make the people once I get a better image program.Well Its just a image to show you that they wont be the small type of guys but they will have the functions of that pretty decent size capable of equipping armor weapons shields and other things but here is the image, please dont let this image throw you off of this project it was made in paint in about 2 mins to just give you a ruff idea


    Also I do relize that the skin on him is yellow which is un natural but since paint limits you to the colors u can use thats as close as it gets to peach.
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    Nov 2004
    I would have started constructing the 'world' of the game, i.e. the
    environment and the (partially) autonomous creatures and objects, looking for
    good candidates for classes and inheritance. The 'logics' of hosting,
    the images and the layout I would give a lower priority.

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