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    simulate CLICKing DOM JavaScript from VB6

    I have spent an enormous amount of time searching the web for a solution. I have found an enormous amount of server side development, but a dirth of client side references.
    I am receiving no responses from postings to VB classic and Web on several different site Forums. I am willing to pay a nominal fee for help.

    I am logged on to a Web site via a VB6 WebBrowser, i.e. I am on the client side.
    I need to automate clicking a 'CommandButton' that is on the screen.
    Manually, I can click and can access the innerHTML and retreive the contents, so I am focused on the correct document.body.
    I am certain that there is a very simple solution, I just do not have the experience to mechanize one.

    The Java source that I am trying to click is:
    [CODE<td class="subMenuOff" id="portfolioWatchLists" onmouseover="parent.changeSubMenuBgColor(this);" onmouseout="parent.changeSubMenuBgColor(this);" onclick="linkTarget('/cgi-bin/apps/u/WatchListDisplay');"><a href="#">Watch Lists</a></td>[/CODE]

    The page that is in view can be refreshed as:
    This is where I need to return to.

    I tried:
    which was just ignored by during run-time.

    I have tried a lot of methods and none have worked, cloning, creating classes... (I do not have enough experience to make these more complicated ones work.) The very first thing that I tried was a simple web Post:
    which brings up the correct page overlayed on the 'Home' page, but
    only after an "Internet Explorer" Script error and then an "Internet Explorer" stack error. Each of these clear with Window's Enter's. Obviously, there is some minor thing wrong with my Posting and the fact that I do not have a return to the 'Home'. The image of the 'Home' page is visible but does not respond, apparently because the page has lost focus to the 'Home' JavaScript.

    I found this in a different context, i.e. where a click loaded a page that overwrote the 'Home' page and needed a way to return. I do not think this is applicable. "/cgi-bin/apps/u/HomeContent?returnto=/u/Home"

    I am at wits end, and need some help.
    Please with either, Money ( fee ) or Honey ( thanks ) on it.

    "Good Software like good food takes time to prepare."
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