Red X and DSL ?

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Thread: Red X and DSL ?

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    Lightbulb Red X and DSL ?

    hi - I am new to java - totally!!

    ok - so i am using a webcam to broadcast an event. My html page uses this applet to establish the webcam event

    <applet codebase="" archive="wwCam.jar"
    code="wwCam.class" width=318 height=238>
    <param name="filename" value="">
    <param name="copyright" value="Copyright (c) 2003 Willing Webcam">

    on my work puter and my home computer i have the Java plug in installed and working. work is on a T-1 and home is on a cable modem.

    however, others (like my mom) who are on DSL who have also downloaded the most recent version (as of last nite) of the java plug in - JRE 1.5.0 - it does not work.

    according the to the sites - it has something to to do with the "use browser settings" and proxy servers. its like my mom's java plug in cant figure out what is going on with the applet scripts inside the html page.

    when she loads the page - she gets the RED X.

    does Mom's DSL connection have anything to do with a proxy server issue?

    how do you fix this RED X problem ?!?!?!?!?!

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    Apr 2005
    Can we have the link to see if it works on others connections? It is most likely something to do with a setting on her browser, but I don't really know for sure. Hopefully someone esle will come along that knows more about that.

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    Well, I had the same problem as your mom. I am on a T1 connection at a university. So, I don't know. I found some sites that seem like they would be useful if you would like to look through them. Sorry I can't help.

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