Coding Style: NetBeans IDE 4.0 Beta2 (Java)

My code (a thread, actually "implements runnable") spawns threads (runnables) to handle listening for incomming messages and stores them in an ArrayList (I could not think of a better way, please propose a better method if possible).
This is done as such:

public static ArrayList chList;

public void run() {
chList = new ArrayList();
chList.add(new serverListen());
This should allow me, when I want to close my main thread (runnable), to close all my listener threads (serverListen runnable) using the ArrayList (chList).
-- Quick question, I can do a .STOP on my listener threads (serverListen runnable) from this main thread right? (I create a public void stop(){ thread.stop;} function in my serverListen threads, I can do this right? if not how am I supposed to kill a thread from this scope? ---

So my problem is unlike a normal Array the ArrayList doesn't seem to allow me to go through each index and do a serverListen.stop()

So my goal is to do something like
for (int i = 0; i < chList.size; i++)
Of course this is not working for many reasons (doesn't like "chList[i]", and "chList[i].stop" doesn't seem to be recognized either).
Is there anyway to do this? A better way?
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, thanks.