I really have no idea

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Thread: I really have no idea

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    I really have no idea

    Hi all

    I hope someone can help me. I want to write a java file that does the following :

    A user types in a username and password - this is just a simple jsp page. The parameters are passed to my java file and the entries are looked up in a db table. If the values are OK, i need to issue a security token

    I am struggling with the security side of things. I want to use SSL and http or https and soap to do all the security stuff but don't know how. Can anybody lead me in the right direction

    Many thanks for any help

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    I'm not really sure what you want, but here goes :-

    If you want to talk from a client to a JSP then you should setup
    the page as being secure in your J2EE container (which could be tomcat, websphere, weblogic etc.etc.)

    If you want to talk from the JSP or java program to another page
    then use the HttpsURLConnection class from the JRE

    a good place to look at for a better understanding of the java secure socket
    interfaces is the JSSE library page at http://java.sun.com/products/jsse/
    Hope this helps

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    I don't know jsp, but just as a side note, if you haven't already you may want to store the password with md5 encrpytion, then encrypt the inputted password by the user and compare them with the md5 hash string thats created from each. That's what I did for my web forum. It also gives users a better sense of security knowing that admin can't see their passwords.

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