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    Need help blocking web sites with webbrowser control

    I am writing a VB6 program for my grandchildren where the click of a command button displays a web site in a webbrowser control. Everything is working well, but I want to block any attempt to link to other web sites. For example, if the child clicks the button to go to a web site with childrens games, it would be OK to click a link WITHIN that web site, but not OK to click on a link that would send the browser to, say, an advertisement leading to an outside web site. I tried the BeforeNavigate events, but they seem to fire too late, because the new website in the control is half displayed before I get a chance to do a webbrowser.stop; and if I try to do a webbrowser.goback, the program goes into a nasty loop. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Ron E.

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    I don't know if it's possible to prevent a WebBrowser control from following a hyperlink. Instead, you might try using an Internet Transfer Control to download the HTML source of the page you want to display, then go through the HTML programmatically and remove any links to sites outside the page's domain. Finally, display the sanitized HTML in the WebBrowser control.
    Phil Weber

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