I have written an application using 2002 vb.net that reads an XML file using the XML validate reader. When my application comes to the !DOCTYPE line it gives me the following error message:

The content model must be deterministic. Multiple definition of element 'title' causes content model to become ambiguous. An error occurred at http://www.editeur.org/onix/2.1/short/short.elt(4654, 34).

The !DOCTYPE line reads:

<!DOCTYPE ONIXmessage SYSTEM "http://www.editeur.org/onix/2.1/short/onix-international.dtd">

My application did work at one time when it was using 1.2.1 version instead of the 2.1 version which is shown in the line above.

My question is this, is this problem with my application using the 2002 .Net Framework or is this an issue with the DTD mentioned above. The publisher ho sent me the file said they are not having an issues at all which leads me to think it is my 2002 application.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.