Hello guys,

I need serious help from XML gurus out there, i'm gonna be a little bit into details of the scenario. I'm in a dilemma, my organisation is providing solution to a big company. It involves transmitting data back/forth client and server.

The data to be transmitted includes demographic, and also binary (pics, etc). The server stores these data relational in DB2 database. The client acts as registration station and also query station for registered customers. We tentatively agreed to use XML for data transmission from client to server during registration. And transmit XML results from server to client for query transaction. There are approximately "100+- clients and one central server".

Now are you with me?

We don't want to store the XML files in the server. Because all these data will be stored in relational tables. Rather, we want the XML to act as a substitute to a message queue (since mqseries is expensive ). The XML carrying all the mentioned data will be transmitted from client to server. The server received it and append it to XML file that acts as a queue. Meanwhile one program in the server is to fetch the registration data from the XML queue, sift it and save them into database.

I'm a total beginner in this topic. And planning to use Apache web server at the server side.

I "kowtow" to you guys. Please give me advice and lead me to the right direction. Is this solution appropriate or is it a total mess from out of nowhere.