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Thread: weird behavior...probably threading related

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    Sep 2004

    weird behavior...probably threading related

    I wrote a control. It is a timer with 1 button (Start/Stop) and 3 readonly textboxes to show the

    start time, stop time, running time. It also has a public method Start() which is also used in

    the ClickEvent of the button to start the timer. While the timer is running, the textbox that

    shows the running time is updated every second.

    Here's the weird part. When Timer.Start() is called in another thread, the textboxes that should show the details are not updated on a certain interval. The reason why I put the call to Timer.Start() in another thread is that it's called by a remote host via sockets. The remote host sends its hostname which corresponds to a certain field in a set of MyTimer controls. The update is in the Tick event of a Timer control within my control. I tried putting messageBox routines and I did find out, they are not executed. The Tick event does not fire!!! The timer works fine when using the start button to start it. Is this due to the fact that the event occurs in the main thread?

    Please enlighten me about this weird behaviour.

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    Sep 2004
    Be sure to invoke your Start method from the UI thread. To do so, use the Invoke method on your control from the other thread:



    PS. google for "windows forms threading invoke" for more info.

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    Sep 2004
    Hi Kent. Thanks so much for the reply. It works. You saved me a lot of time and energy.

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