I have a problem. I created a small ASP .Net appliction for our developers. The application allows the developer to select a database and or table that exists on our production and Beta SQL servers and refreshes the Beta Version with the Production Data. The aplpication creates and runs DTS packages on the Beta server that pull the data from the Productionsever. In order to use the DTS object i had to create aRCW for it. I created the sn key and the RCW on my local machine and put the resulting .dll file in the GAC. The application works beautifully when running on my localhost server on my machine. So, I need to copy the application to the company's webserver. I created a folder on the webserver. the network admin created a new website. I chose to copey the project to the folder on the webserver. I selected copy files that are needed to run application. When I try and run the site from the webserver I get af far as clicking the button to refresh the data. Then I got an error.

File or assembly name Microsoft.SqlServer.DTSPkg80, or one of its dependencies, was not found.
File name: "Microsoft.SqlServer.DTSPkg80"

I copied the dll to the bin folder on the webserver.

Then i tried again and got a new error.

System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80040154): COM object with CLSID {10020200-EB1C-11CF-AE6E-00AA004A34D5} is either not valid or not registered.

Can anybody help me from here. I have just about googled myself out. Is there a step I am missing. Every thing I have read say "the beauty of ASP.Net is that you don't have to registeer your dlls. Just slap them inthe bin folder. That is not working. help me please.

Note: SQL SERVER and Visual Studio .Net 2003 are not installed on the web server.