I'm developing a winsock chat application. It works fine on my LAN, (IP range 192.168.0.X) and the client app connects with no problem to the server thru the LAN, but I can't get it to work with the client app at another location (not in my LAN) trying to connect to my DSL modem's internet IP number

I have the modem configured to forward the ports my apps are using to my IP number on the LAN on which I am running the server app, (my ISP told me I needed to do this) and my server app's winsock is set to "remote IP =" (my DSL modem) and the client app winsock is set to remote ip = my internet IP number.

When I set the client app's winsock to remote ip=192.168.0.x then it works ok locally between server and client. It's like either the dsl modem is not passing the client link request thru to my server app, or else my server app is not listening at the right place?

I'm just a beginner to this stuff so forgive me if I'm not explaining this well or if it's a dumb question because I am overlooking something which should be obvious.

Appreciate your help.