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    Mar 2005

    Thank you so much!

    Hello, once more. Once again, just like before, I really appreciate the help that you have given me. You will be rewarded in the future and I know that for sure. Well, I tried to see the link that you posted but it did not show anything and therefore I looked at the code. I did what you told me and it did work. I have never compiled my programs like that so I was wondering if you could explain why it should be that way. I was wondering about why you should compile the folder name and then the Forest file(\javac forest\Forest.java). I know you said because of the package that you place at the beginning of the code but I am still not understanding that process. Is the forest package one that comes integrated in java or did you create that one yourself? Just wondering I am not sure if these questions are good or not but like I said, I have never dealt with something like this. Well, if you get the chance to answer these questions for me the I would appreciate it. Thanks once more for the help. I really appreciate it much. Talk to you later.

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    Your pc/browser is not set up for swing applets.

    I have set it up as an awt version also.

    check here:

    Note: the awt version uses forest1 as its package

    If you want to make a move into the modern world and use swing
    (and above) then do the following (for IE):

    Tools->Internet Options->advanced.
    There you must check the option:
    Java (sun) -> use JRE 1.5.0 (something) .
    If you can't find that option you must download the JDK from sun and install

    As for the package/folder issue, check out the sun documentation for this.

    Good luck !
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    Once again thanks for the help. I understood the program a whole lot better. I will look at the sun documentation to figure out what I needed. Thanks you very much for the help.

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