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    Unhappy Help on Data Structures

    I need help on data structures,there is my whole code.My insert from the avl tree does not work at times and its printTree method does not print all the elements in it at times.I guess its the insert method that does not work.

    Again i need help with my delete method from the avl tree it gives a null pointer when i run the Soundex class. How the code works is like this:

    Generate Soundex keys by entering a word in the gui and pressing search,that key should be inserted in the Hash-table and that word in the Avl tree.All words with similar keys should be inserted in same hash entry referenced to the Avl trees.Now thats my problem.Sometimes it works,but at tomes it does not.And again my delete does not work,it gives a null pointer like i said from pressing delete in the gui.I cant get it to work.I have been doing this for almost 2 weeks please anyone help me.Thank u
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