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    DataList not using <BODY> tag settings

    I have a pretty simple web page where I have pushed the content into XML and I load the page using a DataList. However, when I load XML that contains a hyperlink, the datalist does not use the settings from the <BODY> tag. I am setting the link, vlink, and alink colors in the body tag.

    For example, here is my body tag.

    <body text="#000000" link="#ab0b38" vlink="#ab0b38" alink="#ab0b38">
    The datalist renders part of the XML as follows...

    HTML Code:
    ... attract <A href="XXXX.aspx">people</A>, and to put...
    The problem is that since the hyperlink is being created by the datalist, it is ignoring the body tag, which in this case should be coloring the links a sort of red color. What is actually happening, is that the color goes back to the default blue as if I had never set them in the body tag at all.

    To prove this is not my code and that this is something that the datalist is doing, if you save the source of the rendered page in IE to an HTML file, and then open that file in IE, the colors come out correct, as the links ARE using the body tag settings.

    So, how do you get the datalist to STOP ignoring the body tag? Maybe there is another approach that I have not considered.

    Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

    Greg Rothlander
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