I putted a java applet text ticker in my site, which I also saw here on this site. I previously mailed the author with my question, but I haven't got any reaction from him/her so now I'm trying here.

It's the textticker with the X_TextTicker.class file with the code:

<applet code=X_TextTicker.class name=X_TextTicker width=100% height=100% align="absmiddle" id=X_TextTicker viewastext>
<param name="m4" value="test test test.">
<param name="m3" value="hello world">
<param name="m2" value="How are you doing? I'm doing fine.">
<param name="m1" value="test test test">
<param name="m0" value="hi hi hi hi">
<param name="linecolor" value="FFFFFF">
<param name="backcolor" value="62704C">
<param name="rectangle_color" value="62704C">
<param name="forecoloroff" value="FFFFFF">
<param name="forecoloron" value="B8FD42">
<param name="font" value="Arial|PLAIN|12">
I was wondering how I can make an new line in ticker. For instance the M2 = First line: How are you doing?
Second line: I'm doing fine.

The signs <br> or /n all doesn't seem to werk, a normal enter neither.
Does anybody maybe know a solution? Sorry if the post isn't clear enough or in the right fourm.


Jeroen Stooker