sry i had origionally posted this in the java developers section of the forum

alright i was wondineg if it is possible to call methods with an array
here is why i need this to happen:

i am calling a series of methods that all have the same return time (boolean)
and once the return from one of these method becomes true i need to stop and return that
a "driver" is calling all of these methods

(it's a poker game)

it first calls isRoyalFlush....then all the way down to isHighCard
i realize that they dont' truly have to be seperate methods, but for testing/creating it would be much easier. once they return a true value, i want the search to break and return

could anyboyd tell me how to, or an alternate way to doing this?

if that makes no sense:
public void Play()
Method[]arr=new Method[/*not sure what goes here*/]; /*maybe like the method names, i'm thinking of somethign like an onClick in javascript for buttons where i would do onClick="isRoyalFlush()"*/
boolean isType=false;
for(int i=0;i<9;i++)
//print and do all that stuff
public boolean isRoyalFlush()//this would be cell 0 in the array

public boolean isStraightFlush()//cell 1....etc