Im running my webpage that opens a java applet running on a server (ivista streaming video) and I have it all working but I want to see if anyone can tell me if there is any way to handle the error that comes up when the server that runs the applet isnt running. Like some kind of error code in the html of my webpage that if the error comes up it the user would be redirected to another page. When the server isnt running, the webpage opens with the java applet box, the java logo sunburst or whatever it is goes round and round and then ends up with the red X in the upper left corner and the status line of the browser at the bottom says "applet failed to load". Sorry, Im complete dummy about how these applets or javascripts work but thought maybe someone here could direct me toward a way to solve the problem, Ive googled for 2 days trying to find a way and cant. ALOHA kh6gmp