I have an interesting challenge for you all. I have a problem whereby I need to find all possible combinations of the contents of an array, and create a new array with these values. For example, with an array of 3 elements:

["A", "B", "C"]

You would get:

(and of course, none)

Final count: 2 raised to the power of 3, or an array with 8 elements (different orders of the same combinations don't matter, so we don't differentiate between AC and CA).

So - I could probably figure out a brute-force method to solve this, but can anyone come up with an elegant solution, assuming that the size and contents of the array is unknown at design time? I was thinking there must be some way to do this recursively, but I haven't quite determined the best approach...

BTW - no, this is not a classroom assignment...

Thanks -