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    Need Help Storing Data in MySQL

    Hello, I am currently developing a Java Application with an SQL backbone for my senior project in college. I have this application that has 5 different JLists that pulls its values from the database. When I select values from the 5 different lists, my application adds them to another list. I want to add these selected values to a table in the database, but the problem I am running into is that I don't know the best way to do this, because in some cases there could be few selections, and in other cases there could be many selections. Does anyone have any ideas how to go about storing this data.

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    Presumably the selected items are associated with a row that includes a unique key? If so, I would use a table containing that key in one column, and a selected item in another column. If user select four items from your JLists, there would be four rows with that user's ID in the selected items table. Does that make sense?
    Phil Weber

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