i am using data report for my vb. now my problem is, i'm trying to get my group header data from one table and my details from another table but i don't know how to do it. here are my current code.

call dis
Call con
Set rs = cs.Execute("select * from po_supplier where rqst_no='" & Text1.Text & "'")
With PO_Report
Set .DataSource = Nothing
.DataMember = ""
Set .DataSource = rs.DataSource

With .Sections("section1").Controls
.Item(1).DataField = rs.Fields("qty").Name
.Item(2).DataField = rs.Fields("parts").Name
.Item(3).DataField = rs.Fields("description").Name
.Item(4).DataField = rs.Fields("uom").Name
.Item(5).DataField = rs.Fields("counter").Name
End With

With .Sections("section2").Controls
.Item(1).Caption = rs!Supplier
.Item(2).Caption = rs!Contact
.Item(3).Caption = rs!rqst_no
.Item(4).Caption = rs!Date
.Item(5).Caption = rs!Type
.Item(6).Caption = rs!truck
.Item(7).Caption = rs!body_no
.Item(39).Caption = rs!mchnsn
.Item(40).Caption = rs!margt
.Item(41).Caption = rs!eng
.Item(42).Caption = rs!argt

End With

With .Sections("section3").Controls
.Item(1).Caption = rs!user
' .Item(2).Caption = user
End With

'.TopMargin = 800
'.BottomMargin = 400
.LeftMargin = 500
'.BottomMargin = 400

End With
'call dis
End Sub

what i've done right now is during posting of data i insert all the data into the details table that was suppose to be in another table, in group header, item 1-4 came from supplier table, item 5-42 came from trucks table, while the details section came from purchase table. are there any solution from these problem? because i can't go on getting all data from only one table, saving space, is another reason. also why is it i can't use my call dis function at the end, if i use it, no data were showed, so for now, what i've done is put call dis at the beginning of the code and also at query_unload. thanks