Thread problem...i think

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Thread: Thread problem...i think

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    Apr 2005

    Thread problem...i think

    import java.util.*;
    import java.sql.*;
    public class Seznam implements Serializable{
    private TreeMap tr = new TreeMap();
    private BancniRacun trenutni;
    private Collection vrednosti;
    private Iterator i;
    public void dodaj(BancniRacun b) {
    tr.put( String.valueOf( b.getId() ), b );
    public void odvzemi(int id){
    	tr.remove( String.valueOf( id ) );
    public void popravi( int id, BancniRacun b ){
    	tr.put( String.valueOf( id ), b );
    public BancniRacun najdiBancniRacun(String pin){
    	vrednosti = tr.values();
    	i = vrednosti.iterator();
    		while ( i.hasNext() ){
    			BancniRacun temp = (BancniRacun);
    			if( temp.getPin().equals(pin) ){
    				setBancniRacun( temp );
    				return temp;
    		return null;
    public TreeMap vrniSeznam(){
    	return tr;
    public void setBancniRacun(BancniRacun b){
    	trenutni = b;
    public void shrani() throws Exception{
    	Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:odbc:VAJA9");
    	Statement stmt = con.createStatement();
    	stmt.executeUpdate("DELETE * FROM BANCNI_RACUN");
    	while( i.hasNext() ){
    				BancniRacun t = (BancniRacun);
    				int id = t.getId();
    				String pin = t.getPin();
    				int stanje = t.getStanje();
    				String ime = "bla";
    				stmt.executeUpdate("INSERT INTO BANCNI_RACUN VALUES (id, ime, pin, stanje);");
    public void nalozi() throws Exception{
    	Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:odbc:VAJA9");
    	Statement stmt = con.createStatement();
    	ResultSet rs = stmt.executeQuery("SELECT * FROM BANCNI_RACUN");
    	while ({
    		int id = rs.getInt("ID");
    		String ime = rs.getString("IME");
    		String pin = rs.getString("PIN");
    		int stanje = rs.getInt("STANJE");
    		BancniRacun temp = new BancniRacun( id, ime, pin, stanje );
    		dodaj( temp );
    public BancniRacun getBancniRacun(){ return trenutni;}
    i have a problem with writting into database...i think, the problem is, because the program, "can't" read the variable and send its value to the database at the same time...when using strings in quotes like, there are no problems...

    here is the printstack error, when i call the critical function...

    at Seznam.shrani(
    at Razporejevalnik$1.windowClosing(
    at java.awt.Window.processWindowEvent(Unknown Source)
    at java.awt.Window.processEvent(Unknown Source)
    at java.awt.Component.dispatchEventImpl(Unknown Source)
    at java.awt.Container.dispatchEventImpl(Unknown Source)
    at java.awt.Window.dispatchEventImpl(Unknown Source)
    at java.awt.Component.dispatchEvent(Unknown Source)
    at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEvent(Unknown Source)
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpOneEventForHierarchy(Unknown Source)

    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForHierarchy(Unknown Source)
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(Unknown Source)
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(Unknown Source)

    how could i solve the problem?

    thanks in advance...

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    Nov 2004
    Well, with all respect for your language, I dont understand a squak of your named
    elements and methods but I see some strange stuff;
    1: you do a delete and then you seemingly want to iterate through a java.sql.Resultset.
    There is none when you do a delete (at least I've never detected it). All you get is
    an int saying how many rows that was affected.
    2: the iterator is not assigned a value in the shrani -method, -> nullpointer

    And, for the case of select you use the resultset like:

    ResultSet rs=stmt.executeQuery("SELECT * FROM BANCNI_RACUN");
    while ( { // note ! initially you are positioned at row -1 (e.g. nowhere)
    // process rows
    eschew obfuscation

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