I'm not going to lie... I'm a complete moron and n00b when it comes to VB. What I was wondering is there a way I could add MIDI files into my VB.NET project. I'm trying to make a name that tune style game I have 2 Combo Boxes set up, one with #'s 1-50, and the other Combo Box has all the names of the songs. I've already set up select case staement between the 2 to a button so a MessageBox pops up and says either correct or incorrect. All that's left is to add the MIDIs. I have 2 buttons set up that just need the code added to the back of them. I have a play button and a stop button. And well you can kinda tell what I want them to do. Though is there a way I can play the MIDI by the click of the button according to what # is selected in the first combo box? If so, how do I go about doing so.. I'm at a loss here.