java popup auto close..?

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Thread: java popup auto close..?

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    java popup auto close..?

    Dear all i know next to nothing about Java so if you reply go easy on me please.

    Here is my situation, im desigining a company intranet site that will be availaible to members of the pulic who visit our offices.

    In order to have the browser (ie 6.0) display as we would like ive hashed out a small bit of script.

    This script will be the starting point for our intranet it is designed to customise the browser, it then calls the actual intranet page.
    Ive set it to close itself after a few seconds but i get a dialogue box the web page you are veiwing is trying to close the window do you want to close this window? YES/NO buttons. I want it to automatically select yes and just close itself with no user interaction, leaving only the customised browser page open.

    Can anyone help
    ive attached my entire script in the doctment extracted.txt
    (ive substituted our intranet page with so it will work if you try it out)

    help is needed on this one as im a bit lost now

    Kind regards
    Paul Killington

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