Reading and writing lines from a text file...

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Thread: Reading and writing lines from a text file...

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    Reading and writing lines from a text file...

    Hi there...
    I am trying to make a winsock control send a line from a text file once every minite.

    so if the text file had 5 lines, it would send a line every minite then go and start from the top again...

    First of all, I want to make it so that when a form loads, the text box in it will say the same as the text in the text file.

    Then If the user wants to edit the text file, or add a line to it, it can be saved....

    Then I want the winsock to send each line from the text file individually at an interval of 1 minite.

    Do I can do it with textboxes and a timer, eg
    timerinerval being 60000,
        wsk.senddata text1.text
        timer1.enabled = false
        timer2.enabled = true
       wsk.senddata text2.text
       timer2.enabled = false
        timer1.enabled = true
    that then just keeps sending the text in the text boxes over and over, (which is what i want) but That can't save the text in the textboxes and limits the amount of messages by the amount of text boxes you have....

    i would be grateful of any help

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