I have a project that I am doing on bricks. I have most everything done but I am running into the same problems over and over. the first one being my brick collision, this is the code I use to get rid of ONE brick :

If shpBall.Top <= (shpBrick(1).Top + shpBrick(1).Height) And _
shpBall.Left <= (shpBrick(1).Left + shpBrick(1).Width) And _
shpBall.Left <= (shpBrick(1).Left) Then
shpBrick(1).Visible = False
End If

you have to hit it right on, or it won't dissapear, can this be done more efficiently? another problem I'm haveing is how to get the score to work properly when I hit a brick, does anyone have any idea on how I can set up a scoring system? and third I have been playing with the Highscore table and I can't think of how to make all the arrays work so that I can have the top 7 scores and have them saved on to the table so it stays there until replaced by a higher score.

please, anything will help.