As an introduction, I work for a small scale CRM software vendor. Since our lastest version, we are officially in .NET and have a total API based middle ware architecture. Basically, our APIs are glorified business objects that facades the database (SQL Server). Most of our clients (around 97%) are in .NET and use these APIs to build their eBusiness applications. The rest are in the earlier version and coldfusion based. They will be moving to .NET with the upgrade.

With the new webservices "hype", our architect wants us to drive the webservices way and remove the complete API collection. He wants all clients building eCRM applications to use the webservices to reach for data. His reasoning is that client architecture is independent of the CRM.

I, for one, think this architecture blows because we can accomplish the same goal with a service oriented architecture, have improved performance (SOAPless), be in process and spin less wheels.

I am looking for input from you geniuses out here. Your input will definitely help me build my case over the next few weeks.