How do u display new data on the same form?

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Thread: How do u display new data on the same form?

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    How do u display new data on the same form?

    Hi i am building a game for a project and i am new to VB. I am using VB6. On one form there is
    a listbox and in the listbox are multiple choice questions eg. A-dog B-cat...
    The question is at the top of the list box in a label. If the person choses a wrong answer, i want teh form to stay but refresh so that i get new multiple choices in the listbox. i tried form_activate but it doesn't seem to work. Can u please help me?

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    I would put the form initialization code in a private Sub procedure, then call it whenever you want to "refresh" the form. So, you might call it once from the Form_Load event, and again wherever you determine that the user has answered a question incorrectly. Does that answer your question?
    Phil Weber

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