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    Form Authentication on HTML Pages

    Hi. I have inherited a Web site with a lot of HTML pages which NOW will be served on Web server using IIS6. the question is that is there way I can throw all the files in a directory and force authentication on that directory to have those HTML files password protected.

    My client does not have a very huge budget so I must respect his limits which is why I cannot change all the pages to .Net. But if there is no other way, I will have to change everything to .NET (although it is just a matter of adding some code at the top.
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    Sure, just drill down to the directory in question in the Internet Services Manager tool, right-click and select Properties. Then, on the Directory Security tab, click the Edit... button in the Anonymous Access and Authentication Control section. In the resulting dialog, make sure that Integrated Windows authentication is checked, and Anonymous access is not checked. Windows will now prompt for a password before serving any file out of that directory.
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    Sorry, I should have mentioned it earlier. Let me define the entire scenario from the top (it is possible that the solution you have suggested would still work).

    I created a Web site in .NET for a client with an Admin area using Form Authentication on a folder. This was done, of course, through Web.config. After a while, they wanted to update their content themselves. They started using Contribute and Dreamweaver to create HTML pages, and now after making a bunch of pages, they want to add authentication one of the directories.

    In other words, there is already one authentication on one of the directory (and if) the new directory was in .NET, I would have to create a new approot on that directory. Will the solution you have described still work?

    Sorry for the confusion, thanks Phil
    new to programming but getting ther

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    I haven't tried this, but you may want to create a simple forms based authentication application and integrate it with the HTML pages (without converting them to .aspx) in order to determine whether attempting to access these pages directly results in a redirection to the login page.

    Simple Forms Authentication
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