I just downloaded a table[1].csv from Yahoo via VB6.
I have it on the screen and shows on the taskbar, but cannot figure out how to read or write to it from VB.
I have tried to 'CreateObj' as I have successfully done many times before.
I cannot find the table[1].cvs using XP search of my computer.
I can write an Excel macro in another Excel file, e.g:
and this finds the table[1].csv and will allow me to copy & paste.
However, VB will not recognize: Windows("table[1].csv").Activate
Incidently, XP wants to sae this in TEMP as table.csv and succesive tables as table-1 and -2, etc.
I do not have want to go this route.

I also want to Kill this file from VB after I have extracted the data.
Kill filename, but I don't know what the file name is since I can't find it.
Thanks, Winnie-the-Pough