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    Jun 2005

    Smile How to Synchonize Time with the Animation

    Hi All,
    I have a problem in animation. The problem is that i have developed an animation in which the data is read from trace file contains nodes id, time of sending packet.Nodes(in the shape of ovals) are moving on the canvas and they send packets to each other. how to send the packets at the specific time ( eg if the time of generating a packet is 2.023 sec in the trace file and how to send that packet at exactly 2.023 sec). or( if the time of sending the node to its final destination is 60 sec then how to show that node has reached the final destination at exactly 60 sec). I will be very grateful if u solve my problem.
    Waiting for a positive reply.

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    Nov 2004
    I made a "Forest Life" applet some weeks ago. The hunters and deers images all have
    two bars indicating "time left to live" and "time to next repoduction", e.g. indicators
    that monitor specific condition of the visible object, and follows it around as part of
    the rendered object mage.

    These indicators are coded as part of the visible objects and included in the paint
    job. I think this is a method that you can use also.

    As for the indication (display) at the exact split second I can only say two things;

    You can never get a higher "resolution" on this precision than the refresh rate of your
    screen. That is, when your visible object issues a repiant() to show its state, then
    that state will show at the next screen refresh.

    If "myriads" of such repaint request occur in a short timespan you may experience
    that the paint/update job becomes a bottleneck.
    eschew obfuscation

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