I am not advanced at programming macros manually. My Excel workbook act based on the simple principles of two tables in MS Access. The macro I need to create need to search into a database from two diffrent sheets of Excel, "UE" and "PI" and to copy the rows of "PI" that match the UE IDU (Identification). A UE IDU correspond to a building and PI rows corresponding to this IDU are housings inside the buiding. The number of housing depends of the buiding. One UE could have 3 or 4 or even 100 housings. So in details what is used to do the matching is the IDU colomn in colomn "A" of sheets "UE" and "PI". You could call that an index I think. Then, all the matching rows of "PI", from colomn "B" to colomn to "AD" of sheet "PI" must be written in a sheet named "Formulaire" (French name for form), starting from cell A12. So the matching rows of "PI", starting from A8 to a range AD8000, must be listed in sheet "formulaire" at A12 and folowwing rows without the A colomn IDU from "PI" (I need colomn B to AD from "PI" to be displayed in sheet "formulaire".). Oh, and for the IDU we want to throw in the search, he is located at cell AB2 of sheet "Formulaire".

I know it's a looping for next with condition if and a break when there's no more data written (data that will increase in term of rows monthly) and then copying the matching rows into a selected area (A12 to AC8000 (without "PI"'s colomn "A" IDU)). It's just on the exact lines of code that I am stuck. I would be really glad if you could help me on that one guys.

To help you, I have created a sample of my database. Here's the link :