refreshing form fields

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Thread: refreshing form fields

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    refreshing form fields

    Hi there,

    I'm working on a jsp page that has a form with fields containing numbers derived from a database. I noticed a difference in the behaviour of IE as opposed to Netscape browsers in the way the fields populate on refresh or reload. In IE after an edit of one or more fields, if I then refresh the page the whole form and its fields repopulate with the original values regardless of what I typed in the fields earlier. This is the behaviour I want. But this is not how Netscape behaves. When I attempt the same thing in Netscape and reload the page, all the edited value changes I made in the fields remain. Is there a way to make sure Netscape loads all the original values just as IE does?


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    I wouldn't be optimistic about that, as Netscape (and Opera), to my knowledge hasn't implemented
    the recommended way of processing the "event model" for html. That means that the
    "fancy" javascript navigation I have implemented on my homepages is dead as a
    hammer all over the place, except in IE.
    eschew obfuscation

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