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    Placing HTML in an applet - and paint loops

    I am busy programming a guestbook for a friend's website and I want to enable html tagging on the guestbook viewing page, is there a way to make a hyperlink tag active within the applet?
    I need to make a hyperlink tag and a mailto tag

    And the second problem is that I want to have a horizontal line separating the different guestbook posts. Only problem is that once I draw one line and want to loop it so that it draws at new increments it only draws a line at the bottom of the applet. Is there any way of looping the paint method without it re-drawing and removing old lines?

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    You place an applet in html, not the other way around
    If the link is to appear inside a textcomponent then you should use a JEditorPane that
    enables hyperlink tags. However, I would not do it like that.
    Instead I would use the netscape.javascript package that, through the JSObject
    enables invokation of javascript methods in an html page. I would use that to
    dynamically write content to a guestbook html page, with links, lines and all.
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