I'm somewhat new to this, so please excuse if my questions seem trivial but I have searched the internet including this forum and several others and the microsoft site. . .my blood pressure is currently 181/90 and I'm quite frustrated!

How on earth do you set the size and position on screen of a new web form window that has been created from another link? The link code is posted below:-

NavigateUrl='<%# "~/Modules/DocHelp.aspx?ItemID=" &amp; Databinder.eval(container.dataitem,"ItemID") &amp; "&amp;mid=" & ModuleID %>' ImageUrl="~/Data/BINOCULR.GIF" Target="_blank"

I've found several examples using Javascript - but I dont want to use Javascript. Only vbScript or using VB.NET in the background code.

Essentially I'm using this to display a help window, ie a popup window.

I do not want the toolbar to be displayed either - is this possible?

one more. . .is it possible to dynamically create and place (position absolutly) controls (such as image buttons) on a user created control (.ascx) - I tried several methods but to no avail - I kept getting the "Control must be placed between tag runat=server" type message - I've reverted to placing creating the dynamic controls on a form, but would like to know if it is possible to do so on a user control.

. . .hope someone can help. . .I'll be off getting something for the pains in my chest