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Thread: Xmlhttp

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    Question Xmlhttp

    hi guys / gals,
    i have a small query with xmlhttp,

    i have a AA.aspx page, this page must be submitted along with the form values(it contains a datagrid values) using xmlhttp object to a file named BB.aspx page, the BB.aspx page must read the formvalues and send and convert it to an excel file and the excel file must be sent to the user for saving it locally.

    During all this time the AA.aspx page must not be submitted or reloaded or refreshed.

    Thanks for the reply

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    Um, OK then...


    Without submitting, reloading or refreshing the page the only way to do this is use Internet Explorer's XMLHTTP component to send data from your form to the BB.aspx. Either that or create an ActiveX control that can be placed in the browser.

    Additionally, you might want to use Flash, as the versions now can do such things using flash remoting server, although integration with DataGrids is probably not achievable easily (if at all).

    In all honestly, I'd review the point in not sending the request back to the server as it's much more robust and browser compatibility doesn't come into the equation.

    Jonny Tooze

    [EDIT] If you use the above method, then in theory you could get the BB.aspx page to create the XLS file (lots of examples of this on Google), save it in a web accessible directory and send a reponse back to the browser to say it's completed processing (including the URL to the XLS file) then the browser could change its location to the URL of the XLS files.
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