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    Gui builders... help starting

    Hi all,
    I am totally new to GUI programming. Actually i don't want to do any gui programming.
    I have some matematical functions that i would like to use in a GUI aplication.
    I have them writen in C++, but i can rewright them to java if necessary.
    Now, is there any way i can develop a gui application using an environment with drag and drop facilities?
    I downloaded eclipse but its dam dificult to get the VEP working... i dont understand so well the framework (eclipse) structure, it has so many concepts i never heard about...
    Is it easy for a begginner to make eclipse VEP work? Should i try another gui builder instead? Wich one? Any open source good one?


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    Aug 2003
    A good one which is free for Java is NetBeans. (http://www.netbeans.org/) This IDE is a little like visual programming rather than just drag and drop, but it's pretty easy to work with and it generates nice readable code. The only drawback is in order to make your gui look good you will probably need to learn a bit about packing (if you want the gui sizable), but if you don't, you can just set the layout to "null layout" and it will drag and drop pretty much like anything else.

    I hope this helps.

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    As far as open-source is concerned, there is also Python with the BOA Constructor IDE. There is a lot of scientific programming done with Python.
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