I have shopping cart which is intended to use verisign. I have regisstered with verisign and logded into https://payments.verisign.com and downloaded sdk for the freebsd. My shopping cart is devoloped in php 4.x .

The downloaded folder contains four folders bin,certs,lib and perl. I think freebsd and php have to use the files in the folder named 'lib'
I have copied the header file pfpro.h to to /usr/local/include and libpfpro.so to to /usr/local/lib.

Where should I copy the file named buildpfpro.sh ? Please explain that what I have to do after copying the files. ust use the functions in the library.(I have third party class files for this).

Also explain what I have to with the file in the folder cert. Should I copy to any other folder? What about other folders like bin,and perl? Devolopers guide does not contain details of installation.

Please help me.
Thanking in advance.