Hi, I'm new to Tomcat and this installation problem's been driving me nuts. I have to use tomcat and mysql database for my college project to develop a web-page that would do login/validate users and basic CRUD stuff on mysql. SoI tried to install Tomcat 5 at home with the following specs -

j2sdk 1.4.2
Windows XP service pack 1
Tomcat 5.5.8

Classpath = .;C:\my_apps\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5\common\lib\servlet-api.jar
Catalina_home = C:\my_apps\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5\bin

I set all necessary environment variables and settings as above, but my 'localhost:8080/index.jsp' won't come up. Instead, firefox said the connection was refused and IE said page cannot be found. I used to have Tomcat 4 on my machine(which I never used) and Oracle along with its associated Apache server as well. So I thought the new Tomcat might be somehow clashing with some of the registry values and tried fresh installation of Windows and Tomcat on my spare hard drive, but it still wouldn't work. But I only tested with html page put inside 'webapps' directory, instead of jsp though.

I browsed through most other developer web-sites and faqs if this someone has had this thing solved, but found none, so it would be really great if anyone have any idea for this problem.