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    VB.NET upgrade question

    I develop stand-alone engineering software using VB.NET. I currently own an older version of Visual Studio.NET, but don't use any of the other languages. I learned recently that there are newer versions of VB available and would like to stay up-to-date. The About screen on my current version shows:

    Microsoft Development Environment 2002 Version 7.0.9466
    Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0 Version 1.0.3705

    I understand that there is now a 2003 version of Visual Studio and VB, and apparently a 2005 version due out soon (out in beta now?). I've also discovered that there is something called Visual Basic Express.

    It looks like I can just upgrade to VB.NET 2003 for $109, but I wondered if that is the route I should be taking. Looking at all the different options available is a bit confusing.

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    You're going to want Visual Basic 2005 once its released; it has numerous enhancements over Visual Studio 2002. If you don't need the latest version immediately, I would wait until 2005 is released, then purchase Visual Basic Express (it's a "light" version of VB 2005 that will cost something like $20) and see if it meets your needs. If so, great! If not, upgrade to VS 2005.

    You can download VB Express and/or VS 2005 beta today, but I do not recommend installing them on a production machine. If you don't have a test system available (meaning a system on which you can reinstall Windows if necessary; beta uninstallers do not always work well), it's best to forego the beta and wait until the 2005 version is released.
    Phil Weber

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