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    DBConcurrencyException how to handle / solve?


    I would like to take my hat off to you for helping me with the Try .... Catch issue. Like I mentioned a couple of times during this conversation the reason for the Try .. Catch was to catch the DBConcurrencyException. Well I am catching it now and trying to sync up the database with the dataset within the application. My question is how can I go about this and also why would it be giving me this error when I am the only user hitting the database? This app is intended for only one user at a time not multi users so maybe I am doing something wrong.

    To help describe a little about my situation here is a little background. I currently use a datagrid to display and update the data table that the datagrid is bound to. I also allow the user to use their enter key to "save" the data and move to the next cell in the same row. This has caused some issues but being that my target market is big data entry users the "Enter" key is a must have feature. I have solved everything up until the DBConcurrencyException. It happens sporadically at the same spot (if that makes sense).

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    I figured out how to get rid of the DBConcurrencyException. I took out some auto population of cells in the datagrid when a user inputs values into certain cells. The only problem is I need that auto calculation to exist.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

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