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    Noob Questions - Part 1

    Hi, Im new to these forums, new to VB .Net, and relatively inexperienced in general programming. I can understand the logic of the programs easily, but the syntax and methods are mostly a mystery to me. I've been learning using MSDN articles, and scouring forums like these for answers. I'm a college student working in a relatively small engineering lab for the summer and had been tasked with developing a temperature acquisition program before I leave.


    1. Using Measurement Computing hardware, and the sample code provided by them as the basis for the software. They provide what is called the "Universal Library" for communicating with their hardware

    2. Amazingly, with the little experience I've got, I've managed to get the program working and functional. The data is read into an array, offset based on a linear function (platinum rtds), linearized with an exponential moving average for smoothing, then displayed in a pseudo control array(which was a nightmare for me btw) and simultaneously written to a text file. That text file is later imported into Excel and used to feed graphs.(Eventually going to fix this so that the data is written in an Excel format.)


    1. I've been asked to make the calibration of the sensors automated or at least as automated as possible. I had developed a form that I used to generate calibration constants that I manually entered into the main program, so I added this form to the main program. I can create an instance of the calibration form easily enough:

    dim A as new frmCal

    But how do I reference controls, variables, etc. on the main underlying form, in the frmCal code? I would like the real-time data from the data acquisition form to be entered into the controls on the Calibration form.

    2. My understanding of the whole programming environment is lacking.

    a. When the program compiles and is run, why is the main form even created. I dont see anywhere in code where the object is created.(I want it to be created, but would just like to know logically where the code for this is, if it does exist.)
    b. If the class name is frmDataDisplay, is the object created with that name automatically or is there some generic name, or does an object even exist for the form that is generated when the program is run?

    Is there a book anyone can recommend that delves into the details of VB .Net from the ground up - One that doesnt assume a working knowledge of VB 6, but also isnt so basic as to oversimplify important concepts for building a COMPLETE understanding. I purchased Francesco Balena's VB .Net book, but have found it to be too advanced at this point for my needs. I've heard mixed reviews for Halvorson's VB .Net step by step, and am not sure if that book is what I'm looking for.

    Anyone that made it through this monstrous, disjointed post - Thank You. If you can answer any of my questions I'd be eternally grateful. (Because unfortunately I've decided to jump into the deep end of the pool, and the clock is ticking)


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    Is there a book anyone can recommend that delves into the details of VB .Net


    TRy this book "Database Programming using vb.net and SQL server 2000"

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