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    problem in refreshing the parameters passes to a servlet

    I've created a web application. here in a jsp page i'm giving a xml name in a text box. then i'm clicking a button in that page. this will call a servlet where i've created an instance of a class and accessing its method. in this servlet ( doPost()) some string contens are stored in some variaables like:
    if the parsing is successful, then the servlet is calling a jsp page where these string values are populated like:
    String ss_it_id = (String) request.getAttribute("s_it_id");
    here there is no problem.
    but, if i'm back to the first jsp page for another parsing, then in the second page the previous values are populated. but, if i shut the tomcat5 and parse a xml then there is no problem. i can't understand what is happening. i just want to parse as many xmls at atime without shut down the web server. plz help me as early as possible.

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    What you could do is store these values in the session object in stead of the request object (request.getHttpSession(); session.setParameter()) if I'm correct.

    Then, at the start of the servlet, all you would have to do is clear the session object and you're good to go.
    From the JSP page, you can easily access the session object because there's already a variable availlable called session.


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